Long Shank Hooks


Pack of 10

The Long Shank Hooks within the Advanced Angling Solutions Predator Carp Hook Range has all the key features of the leading Long Shank Hooks on the market with a few subtle improvements. The hooks themselves have all the characteristic key features such as a 15 degree down turned eye and a point which is Straight running in line to the shank. These features help with both hooking and holding an improve general hook strength by reducing any tendency to gape. The Long Shank Hook is designed for ultra riggy carp on pressured waters. The long straight point will catch hold in the mouth faster than any other hook. The 15-degree in-turned eye helps it to flip over in the carp’s mouth and catch hold. The hook is strong for its weight and will suit almost all carping situations due to increased mechanical stresses which can be applied to Long Shank patterns an extra strong wire gauge has been used together with medium heavy forging for optimum strength. It suits open water situations where sharpness is paramount and where the angler requires a certain finesse in his presentation.

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