Baiting Spoon Combo Pack


This combo pack combines the classic Gardner Baiting Spoon with our new Lightweight Baiting…


Covert Anti-Tangle Sleeves

Covert Anti-Tangle Sleeves Silt on White on Packaging copy

Perfect for streamlining terminal tackle and reducing tangles for maximum rig control.

  • Ideal for longer…

Covert Arrow Beads


Streamline helicopter rigs and connections and generally remove edges that could cause tangles.

Pack size…


Covert Clip kit Session pack

Covert Clip Kit Silt on White on Packaging copy

The easy and convenient way to get started with lead clip rigs, this pack…


Covert HOOK Aligner

Covert Hook Aligners

Hook aligners have been designed to radically improve rig performance by forcing the hook…


Covert Hook Stops


Bell shaped stops designed for use on the hook shank in conjunction with small…


Covert Lead Clips

Covert Lead Clips


Covert Lead-Safe System

Lead-Safe System All Colours on Camo2 copy

The new covert lead-safe system allows carp and specimen anglers to construct simple, super…


Covert Mini Anti-Tangle Sleeves

Covert Mini Anti-Tangle Sleeves

Mini anti-tangle sleeves are only 14mm making them ideal for use with shorter hooklinks….


Covert Pop-Up Hook Aligner

Covert Pop Up Hook Aligners Silt

Pop-up hook aligners offer an easy solution to tying tricky D-rigs and create better…

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