Carp Fishing Particles from UK Bait Company

Carp Fishing Particles from UK Bait Company

Here you’ll find an excellent range of carp fishing particles from the UK Bait Company. These particles are proven to attract carp as they contain all of the vitamins, minerals and fats that this specific species of fish is looking for, and requires. Carp will love the colours, texture and smell of carp fishing particles.

Our range includes:

• Pigeon conditioner
• Unprepared hemp seed
• Crushed hemp
• Whole maize
• Tiger nuts
• Fully prepared tiger nuts
• Fully Prepared Parti-mix spod mixes Frozen and shelf life

If you would like any advice regarding our carp fishing particles, please do get in contact! We’re here to help you, and are more than happy to provide you with more information. Give us a call on 01277 373424 or send an email to and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Making your own hookbait has never been easier with the help of the UK Bait Company!

Prepared Chilli Hemp Seed PVA Friendly

Hemp 2.5kg

Our premium  hemp seed is cooked rain water and releases all of it natural oils into…


Prepared Hemp & Maize PVA friendly

Hemp & Maize

Our unique preparation process means that our prepared Hemp & maize leaks the maximum…


Prepared Hemp Seed PVA friendly

Hemp 2.5kg

Our premium  hemp seed is cooked rain water and releases all of it natural oils into…


Tiger nuts Prepared mixed size from small to XL PVA friendly

C78A0665 img6

Our extended life Tiger nuts are PVA friendly, Tiget nuts  are one of the most successful…

From: £12

VIP Parti Spod Mix PVA friendly

Spod 2.5kg

We have designed this mix  to come to you ready to use Extended life,…


Pigeon Conditioner


Pigeon Conditioner contains a variety of tasty ingredients including wheat, black rapeseed, safflower, rice,…

From: £5.50

Unprepared Hemp Seed

UN cooked hemp

Hemp seed is probably the best known attractor ever found in fishing Great for…

From: £3.50

Crushed Hemp


Crushed hemp makes an awesome addition to method, spod, stick and particle mixes.

Hemp is…

From: £2.75

Whole Maize


Maize is a great particle bait and is responsible for some large carp.



Tiger Nuts (unprepared)


From: £2.99
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