This is a Medium-size Boilie Table including one pre-fitted set of blades. This also includes our Pivoting tray which allows the table blades to life up and boilies to simply drop into the aluminium tray below.

Size of this table is:
Width: 550mm
Depth: 200mm blade area 450mm overall

Made completely out of Solid Laminate, this table is just as wide as our ‘Large’ Boilie roller and only half the depth to save you space.

This is the perfect table for beginners and experienced rollers alike and if cared for will last many years to come. Once delivered, Simply undo the two transit bolts and away you go!

Available pre-fitted with a wide range of blades, extra size blades are available in our store. This allows you to have one rolling system and many sets of blades to fit into place to suit your requirements.

Normal blades are provided in a range of sizes for traditional round boilies. ‘Grubs’ blades are now also available for the latest concept in bait shape. See our own Grubs boilies for an example of what you can create.

All of our rolling tables are made to order for your exact requirements. Most orders are fulfilled within 21 working days, however please allow up to 45 days for delivery during busy periods.

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