Things seem to be coming together following my baiting regime. I have manged 5 fish so far this year, with only 4 months of the year down. I only managed 5 fish all year last year, from this very hard venue.

Until last night the fish I had caught had all been stunning but were smaller ones. 2 were 20’s and 2 were doubles. However last night at 130am i recieved a couple of bleeps, which had me scrambling out my sleeping bag to check my rods. But nothing further materialised for the next few minutes, so I got back into bed. Another couple of bleeps soon had me out again and the bobin indicated a small drop back. I sat by the rod and one more bleep had me picking up the rod and winding down. I wasn’t sure if it would just be a line bite or or a pick – up. From experience I thought it was worth picking the rod up, as the larger fish in the lake are very wise, and often a few bleeps from the alarm is all you will get. I was really pleased as the rod hooped over and a hefty feeling resistance was felt. The fight was slow and steady for around 20 minutes, before a large mirror rolled into my net. I recognised the fish as ‘two tone’, one I had been lucky enough to catch last year also. Although it was a repeat capture, I was more than pleased to get among the big fish again. It is also the biggest mirror in the lake. It tipped the scales at a massive 45lb 8oz. The smile didn’t dissappear from my face all day! Looking forward to my next session.Until then tight lines.

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