UKBC Consultants Report     

Matt “Ozzy” Osbourn

We catch up with our new consultant Matt following his session last week on Melton, Matt has hit the ground running and is already catching a few, here is what he had to say in his latest blog:

This Week I decided to go give Melton a visit which is on the outskirts of Woodbridge in Suffolk, the lake is 13 acres with a good head of 20s and up to four 30s at the right time of year, I have only visited this venue a handful of times previously so my knowledge of the lake was still pretty limited. I fished this lake last week for a 24 hour session but unfortunately it was a blank for me on that occasion
With unfinished business and feeling sorry for myself at home all week I revaluated my tack- ticks and returned this week for a 48 hour Session, shortly after I arrived at the lake I saw a few fish showing around the back of the island. I quickly made my way around the bank and cast out to the area where I saw the fish showing. My left-hand rod was positioned 8 wraps out in to open water, I positioned my Middle Rod a foot off the island towards a reed bed and my right-hand rod on a spot near a weed bed in 14ft of water. 
The evening was uneventful but at 5.45am the bobbin on my left-hand rod rose up, I slowly picked the rod up, feeling the line, I could tell there was a fish on for sure, after an edgy little battle with the line caught up around the weed and vibrating away I slipped the next under an upper double common. By the condition of the fishes mouth I was not surprised that the fish did not put up too much of a fight, it probably hooked itself and thought “here we go again!” 
Just after Lunch time my Left hand rod went off again but this time it went into melt down, I had to put my waders on and walk out around the side of the marginal weed bed or I would have had no chance of getting the fish in, after a tough battle I netted a beauty of a common that tipped the scales at 26 lbs 8ozs according to the other anglers she was one of the target fish in the lake due to the little white marking on her tail. This fish fell to a Double 10mm white Pro-Nut pop ups with a stick made of pro-nut boilies on a 360 rig. 
I had one more run after this but unfortunately this fish was lost which is always frustrating. But I plan to return to this lake again in the near future. That is all from me for this week so until next time. Tight Lines and wet nets to you all 

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