Since joining UK bait company as a field tester towards the end of last year, my fishing has been curtailed a little by a combination of family commitments, work and the good old British weather. However I have still managed to keep in regular touch with my target water over the winter. I have been trickling approximately 2 kilos a week of bait into a several areas of the lake.

Having been lucky enough to catch the lakes biggest mirror last year. This year my target is to catch one of the huge commons that the lake contains. The lake is notoriously hard. So I need to stack as many things in my favour as I can, to help me in my quest.

Having a full time job and a family, means my fishing time is limited. So my baiting campaign is extra important. Luckily Darren has supplied me with fantastic bait. I have also just collected a superb dip containing n-buytric acid. I’m now itching to get out fishing and have a session planned this weekend and couple more coming up. I will keep you posted on my progress. Although the water i’m fishing is ultra hard and I don’t expect to catch a hat-full. One or two of the biggies would be a fantastic return. Fingers crossed.

Until next time tight lines.   carl

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