Boilie Base Mixes & Fishing Bait Base Mixes

Boilie Base Mixes & Fishing Bait Base Mixes

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Buying boilie base mixes allows you the freedom of being able to create your own boilies of varying sizes, to suit your specific requirements depending on where you are fishing.
With our selection of fishing bait base mixes, making your own cheap carp boilies is very straightforward. Our pre-made mixes ensure that your boilies have the optimum levels of nutrients, and that they are as appealing to carp as possible.
All of the ingredients we add to our boilie base mixes are of the highest quality. All ingredients have been selected due to their attractiveness and nutritional benefits to carp, and have been formulated to maximize the chance of your boilies being successfully found and digested by carp in any environment.
If you have any queries about our range of fishing or boilie base mixes, please feel free to give us a call on 01277 418165 and speak to one of our friendly advisors. Alternatively you can email us on

Fish Meal Base Mix, Boillie Mix

Premium base mix

This premium fish-meal base mix is made with one of, if not the best…


Base mixes, Nut base mix, Boilie mixes

Base mixes, Nut base mix, Boilie mixes

This base mix is made from very high quality ingredients like, Roasted peanut meal,…


50/50 Boilie base mix.

50/50 Boilie base mix.

This is a Plain mix however still containing all the additives such as milk…


Hot & Spicy base mix


Our hot & spicy base mix is exactly that, made with top quality ingredients…

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