How To Make Your Own Boilies

If you are looking to make your own boilies then there is a wide variety of ingredients you can combine. We stock a wide range of boilie ingredients & fishing bait ingredients, as well as boilie & fishing bait base mixes, that allow you to create a bait tailored to your requirements. Try some of these recipes; they have worked well for us, or maybe try adding different flavours from our range of fishing & boilie bait flavourings. Of course, if you need further advice on how to make your own boilies then don’t hesitate to contact us, we will always be happy to help.

LT-94 fish meal

Fishmeal Boilie Mix 1

175g  Soya flour 50g    Krill meal 100g  Milk powder
175g  Semolina 25g    Robin red 25ml  Molasses
200g  Lt-94 fishmeal 5g      LZ-32 20ml  Coconut flavouring
200g  Prairie Meal 25g    Yeast 8        Eggs


Fishmeal Boilie Mix 2

200g     Semolina 25g       Yeast 5g        Salt
150g     Soya flour 100g     Lamalc Milk powder 5ml      Monster crab flav
350g     Salmon fishmeal 20g       Betaine 2ml      Int' sweetener
130g     CLO 1 drop   N-butyric  acid 15ml    Hemp oil
5g         Salt 5g         LZ-32 8         Eggs

SA1 Stick Mix

Nutty boilie mix

300g   Prairie Meal 140g   Semolina 8 eggs
200g   Soya flour 30g     Whey Powder
100g   Tiger nut meal 100g   Milk powder
60g     Egg albumen 20g     Betaine
25g     Yeast 5g       Sea salt
20ml   Roasted Peanut flavour 10ml   Tiger nut flavour

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