Boilie Ingredients & Fishing Bait Ingredients

Boilie Ingredients & Fishing Bait Ingredients

Our range of boilie and fishing bait ingredients offers all the basic supplies you will need to create your own nutritious and effective cheap carp boilies, which can be formulated specifically to maximise your chances of catching carp within any environment. Within our range of fishing bait & boilie ingredients we have a variety of flour, meal and powder, including soya flour, whole egg powder, lamlac milk powder, tiger nut meal, Antarctic krill meal, blue-cheese powder, squid meal and many more! Each ingredient will provide a different texture and a distinctive taste. With our extensive range of fishing bait ingredients you will certainly be able to create boilies that fish find simply irresistible.

Creating your own boilies using our individual boilie ingredients allows you to produce a product which suits your own personal preferences, and is best suited to the location where you will be fishing. Purchasing our individual boilie ingredients allows you to create your own base mix to your own unique specification, as well as creating a bespoke boilie size which you may feel is most effective for you. Whether you’re looking to create a boilie with a smooth and creamy texture, one with a distinctive flavour/aroma, or one with a rough texture, you will definitely find the perfect ingredient from our range of fishing bait & boilie flavourings, fishing bait & boilie colourings and boilie & fishing bait ingredients.

For expert fishing products that you can trust, look no further than UK Bait Company. Whatever you’re looking for, you are certain to find the ingredients to suit you and your preferences. If you have any queries about our range of boilie ingredients, please feel free to give us a call on 01277 418165 and speak to one of our friendly advisors. Alternatively, you can email us on or pop into our Brentwood store.

Blood Powder purified

Blood Powder purified

Blood/haemoglobin powder, which has been screened and purified. With high nutritional qualities and an…


Chilli Powder

chili-powder pic

Add's valuable vitamins, minerals and a spicy taste and aroma

Can be included in base…


Maize Flour


From: £1.45

Paprika powder

Paprika powder

Paprika powder. Paprika is a spice made from air-dried fruits of the chili pepper…

From: £4.99

Rennet Casein 90 mesh

Rennet Casein 90 mesh

Our Rennet Casein is of the best edible quality and at 91% protein content it is…

From: £10.99

WPC80 whey protein concentrate

WPC80 whey protein concentrate

HG WPC 80 This whey protein powder is a very high gelling.It will aid binding &…

From: £14.75

LT-94 Fish meal equivalent

LT-94 fish meal

This LT- fish meal is an equivalent to LT-94 fish meal and  has no…

From: £3.99

Pre-Digested Fishmeal CPSP 90

Pre-Digested Fishmeal CPSP 90

The nutritional profile of Pre-Digested Fishmeal CPSP 90 ensures they keep coming back for…

From: £5.95

Sardine & Anchovy meal


Sardine and Anchovy has a protein content of around 68% making this fish meal…

From: £3



Squid Meal is an excellent ingredient containing various amino acids and is also high…

From: £3.99

Soya Flour

Soya flour

Soy flour is not only a good binder but is also a great source…

From: £2.99

Fine Semolina (1kg – 25kg)


This is one of the most widely used bait ingredients in carp bait production.

From: £2.10
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