Fishing Bait Powder Additives

Fishing Bait Powder Additives

If your bait isn’t working as successfully as you’d like, then UK Bait Company have the answer. We stock a wide range of fishing bait powder additives, each with their own beneficial qualities and results. Take a look below at our extensive range and do not hesitate to contact us for further advice and information.

Blood Powder purified

Blood Powder purified

Blood/haemoglobin powder, which has been screened and purified. With high nutritional qualities and an…


Chilli Powder

chili-powder pic

Add's valuable vitamins, minerals and a spicy taste and aroma

Can be included in base…


Maize Flour


From: £1.45


mixed nut meal

This mixed peanut meal is not only a valuable source of quality protein at…

From: £4

Paprika powder

Paprika powder

Paprika powder. Paprika is a spice made from air-dried fruits of the chili pepper…

From: £4.99

Rennet Casein 90 mesh

Rennet Casein 90 mesh

Our Rennet Casein is of the best edible quality and at 91% protein content it is…

From: £10.99

WPC80 whey protein concentrate

WPC80 whey protein concentrate

HG WPC 80 This whey protein powder is a very high gelling.It will aid binding &…

From: £14.75

LT-94 Fish meal equivalent

LT-94 fish meal

This LT- fish meal is an equivalent to LT-94 fish meal and  has no…

From: £3.99

Sardine & Anchovy meal


Sardine and Anchovy has a protein content of around 68% making this fish meal…

From: £3



Squid Meal is an excellent ingredient containing various amino acids and is also high…

From: £3.99

Hemp Protein Powder


Hemp powder is Rich in free amino acids, which become available through the excellent…


Peanut Meal

Roasted Peanut Meal

Peanut Meal is a valuable source of quality protein (at around 40% crude protein)


From: £4
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